Public officials in the People's Republic of Madison would like to rename a building in honor of former president Barack Obama.

City-County Building, Madison, Wisconsin

It's a little much, even for the apparatchiki at Madison's Capital Times.
The building that would honor the former president’s quiet dignity is, however, somewhat lacking in presidential stateliness.

Sitting like a Soviet relic on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, the 1956 structure that would bear Obama’s name features a stark black marble one-story facade above which hovers a corrugated protrusion of stained concrete. Looming over that is a flat shoebox of more concrete and aluminum-clad windows. The interior is home to numerous indistinct bureaucratic offices, topped off by two floors of jail space so run-down that the sheriff himself calls it an abomination, and which county officials are at pains to do away with.
Pitch-perfect, argues Thomas Lifson. "The architectural style of the President Barack Obama City-County Building is the most fitting monument possible to the president that Obama really was."

Jail cells worthy of the Lubyanka?  Bonus rooms.

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