Thus does John Parsons, the current director of marketing for the South Shore Line, make the case for the double-tracking project between Gary and Michigan City, and the construction of a more direct line into the interurban terminal at the South Bend airport.
“[Mr Parsons continues]If we can find a combination between the double track and movement moving our service terminal from the east end of the South Bend Airport to the west end of the South Bend airport, that could get us down to 97 minutes from South Bend to Chicago.”

“Currently there's about 250 people that take the South Shore railroad in and out of Chicago from South Bend and St. Joseph County on a daily basis,” says St. Joseph County councilman Mark Catanzarite. “And the predictions we've seen through modeling is there could be up to 500 people that would do that on a regular basis should we get the commute times down to where we want them to come down to.”
For now, the interurban is making minor adjustments to its current schedules (which are a long way from the half-hourly frequencies between Chicago and Gary and the hourly service for and from South Bend.)

Elsewhere in the Chicago area, it's a long weekend, and the early Friday getaways mean modified train schedules for Metra.  There will also be modifications for Taste of Chicago, the weekend after Independence Day, and those will be particularly comprehensive on the Racetrack.

But check out the way the Overland Route is handling service this day, and on Monday.  "Outbound Train Nos. 49 (5:09 PM), 51 (5:13 PM), 55 (5:34 PM), and 61 (6:10 PM) will not operate. Inbound Train No. 62 will operate 10 minutes later departing Elburn at 6:35 PM."  The schedule shows relief trains running fifteen minutes ahead of regular trains 33, 35, and 37, listed as GX01, GX02, and GX03, and relief train GX05 ten minutes ahead of 39.  The relief trains run in the manner of 51, 55, and 61, which run as limiteds to Elmhurst, all stops beyond, while 47 picks up all the stops of 49, and 53 becomes an all-stop train.

We'll know that the shorter work-week is becoming a thing when timetables show Except Friday evening trains, and Friday Only earlier trains, for instance GX01 is such a train with timetable number 949 (or perhaps 931 following 31 or 933 leading 33.)  You saw it here first.

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