John Locke on the Mandate of Heaven, at Confessions of a Supply-Side Liberal.  It's about the evolutionary advantages of cooperating.
Those who can cooperate with others who are unlike them can form larger coalitions than those who can only cooperate with others similar to them. The strategy of cooperating with others who are similar can be pushed a long way: each of us is built around a collection of genetically near-identical cells, with reproduction monopolized by a few germ-line cells much as beehives are built around collections of genetically closely related individuals with reproduction monopolized by the queen bee and the drones. But assuming that strategy of cooperating with similar individuals is pushed to the limit on both sides of a conflict, the side that can also manage cooperation among unlike individuals or unlike groups of individuals will have a big advantage.
Yes, although cooperation among unlike might be more fragile and event-contingent than cooperation among like. Thus do social orders emerge, then fracture as the initial conditions of coalition no longer hold.

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