Perpetually disgruntled Progressive [c.q.] editor Ruth Conniff decides to leave the country.
Every day I go to work and wrestle with how to respond to our new political reality, and how to connect with and amplify the voices of resistance in this dark and uncertain new era.

My kids come home with stories about their peers enduring chants of “build that wall!” at high school football games, and about their principals, who lost their composure for a moment over the loudspeaker at two different east-side schools when they announced the election results to a diverse group of students.

Watching anti-immigrant sentiment drive the election, and the feeling in our country change overnight, it seems like the time to do something radically different.

So we are going to the other side of the Wall. It’s our own personal act of rebellion and solidarity with our neighbors, who are being viciously maligned by our president. We are driving away from the anxiety and pessimism that threaten to overwhelm us every time we look at the news, and heading straight for a place where the same crushing global forces that are pressing on us here have been bearing down on people for a quite a while, and where we might learn something from our neighbors, about how other people who have been dealing with corruption and repression are responding.
Whatever.  That gets her an ironic "Winner of the Day" from Right Wisconsin.

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