Not when a do-it-yourselfer has nothing better to do than sue the home supply stores for selling finished studs and posts as 2x4 and 4x4 when the kiln-dried, planed sizes are smaller.  "'Defendant has received significant profits from its false marketing and sale of its dimensional lumber products,' the action against Menards contends." Experienced woodworkers understand all these things, and work accordingly.  The plaintiffs are inexperienced woodworkers.
As [attorney Eugene] Turin described it, all three men in the lawsuits wanted the lumber for home-improvement projects, got home and measured the pieces, felt they had been deceived and then turned to the law firm.

Asked whether it was coincidence that three different men found the same sort of issue with lumber first at Menards and then at Home Depot, and then all decided to go to McGuire Law, Turin said he couldn’t comment.
The good news is, none of these do-it-yourselfers injured himself commencing their projects.

Now, if they were working from plans and bills of materials, they're going to be surprised when they discover that putting something other than what the store sells as 4x4s in the place where the plans call for 4x4s everything else is going to be off.

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