Philosopher Shannon Sullivan, affiliated with one of the basketball schools of the Carolinas, proposes that the expression "white privilege" is imprecise.
This article introduces the concept of white priority and challenges the false universalism built into the concept of white privilege. Proceeding from the perspective of "trash crit," the article analyzes white domination from the perspective of poor and working class white people. While racial advantages exist for poor and working class white people, the concept of white privilege does not capture them well. The concept of white priority—the sense of coming before another, of not being at "the bottom of the well" (Derrick Bell)—is needed to help America grapple with race and class in a post-Obama era.
I'm not sure what this trash crit refers to, probably a new name for an old line of social science inquiry.  Think attempts to understand the Klan, any time in the twentieth century, or coming to grips with the union-busting George Wallace appealing to blue-collar northerners, something that echoes this day.

The College Fix quotes the professor as not yet having developed any testable implications.  "As for proof that white priority exists, Sullivan stated she does not exactly have any, noting 'white priority is not something that can be empirically verified or disproven.'"

Perhaps, there being a division of labor in the academy, it is not the place of philosophers, or social theorists viewed generally, to contemplate the testable implications, or to argue a prima facie case that yes, here is a useful way of thinking about social stratification.

But if you want to sort through some testable implications, start here, then go here.

You're welcome.

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