I hesitate to pick on student journalists, but I can't let this Northern Star commentary pass.
Human Resources officials distributed an email to university employees Friday informing them payroll will see the effects of the state tax increase beginning with Monday’s payment, meaning faculty and staff are going to take an immediate hit because of the actions of state lawmakers.

The withholding rate is being increased from 3.75 to 4.95 percent, which will be reflected in employees’ decrease in post-tax wages. It also may mean additional income tax may be owed for the 2017 tax year, according to the email.

Though the tax hike, which was made effective July 1, is what allowed lawmakers to finally pass a full budget after nearly three endless, tight years without complete appropriations, it’s sad to see the reality of the increase — a reality in which faculty and staff are repaying the debt of incompetent lawmakers.
Arguably a number of my colleagues, good Donk court intellectuals that they are, will accept the additional withholding as in the public interest.  They might also suggest to students that without the tax increases, there might be no financial aid, and fewer classes on offer.

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