The Great Lakes Basin Railroad's Application to Construct and Operate A Railroad received skepticism, to which the railroad's officials recently responded.
Great Lakes’ filing came in response to a petition from opponents in three states requesting that the transportation board reject the Crete, Ill.-based corporation’s application. The opponents contend there is neither need nor demand for the proposed rail line and that Great Lakes has no solid financing for the project.
Yes, that reads a lot like standard cartel language from the days of the Interstate Commerce Commission (or any other regulatory commission.)

But with two major railroads already stipulating they will not exchange traffic, much of the traffic forecast (scroll to page 73) strikes me as beyond optimistic.  One or two trains a day out of the Canadian National (old Illinois Central) interchange near Rockford initially, rising to four to ten trains within three years?  Four to eight trains out of the interchange with Union Pacific between Creston and Rochelle -- take a look at the landscape in that area if you live nearby -- rising to seventeen to 32 within three years??

Let's say I will not reconsider my skepticism.

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