The Illinois Railway Museum laid on a Milwaukee Transit Day last Saturday.

For many years after the interurbans and streetcars quit running, the electric motors brought coal to Lakeside Power Plant.

There was also a streetcar to bend the corner around.

Set the Way-Back Machine to 1967.

Set the Way-Back Machine to 1958.

Hicks Car Works have additional photographs from the day.

After the electric cars pulled in, the Steam Department moved some of its collection outside for cleaning.

There's more treasure to the east.

We don't often get to see a slide-valve American Standard with a Russia Iron boiler jacket in full sunset.  Study the evolution of the early twentieth century steam locomotive.

Before the Metra Electric, these Small Tank Engines moved the masses, including to the World's Columbian Exhibition.  Among the engineers, one John Luther "Casey" Jones.

In Milwaukee parlance, this is a trackless trolley car, and yes, trackless trolley cars ran past the North Shore Line's Milwaukee Terminal, which is where the sign came from.

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