When the union organizer has success on the shop floor, it's likely because an overweening management has pushed people too far.  (Who is John Galt?  Same argument, different sort of organizer.)

Thus has a union come to Northern Illinois University's faculty, and thus does the anger over having to do more with less bubble up.
No group on campus has received a wage increase since January 2012, and with new tasks being added to their jobs, faculty members think the time has come to see added benefits.

The reasons a wage increase is needed stem from new tasks added to what the university expects from faculty, [United Faculty Alliance vice president Rosemary] Feurer said.

“We’ve been saddled with new job duties, recruiting students, healthcare costs, been denied travel costs to conferences, and we’ve had to pay out of pocket,” Feurer said. “We’ve actually had a pay decrease with all that.”

Feurer said professors are now expected to be in constant contact with students, something she said was not the norm in the past. They are also expected to be involved in initiatives including recruiting events and research. Feurer also said salaries have not increased despite inflation and rising healthcare costs over the years.
I have not been able to verify all these claims, although I understand that departments have gone cold turkey on travel, and that some departments have removed telephones from faculty offices (and that might have the effect of some students ringing their professors on their personal 'phones at all hours ...)

Moreover, if faculty are helping out with student recruiting events, perhaps that is because some positions for deanlets and deanlings are going vacant.

Unfortunately, in the state of fiscal fragility, California is Connecticut is Illinois is Puerto Rico is Greece is Venezuela is Zimbabwe.  And Our President recently put Puerto Rico in receivership.  (Or not: you have to take Mr Trump seriously but not literally.)

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