The Wolverine and Blue Water services are on Amtrak's rails between Porter, Indiana and Kalamazoo, Michigan, where signalling and crossing protections are in place for 110 mph running.

The trackage between Kalamazoo and Dearborn is now property of the Michigan Department of Transportation, meaning no more depending on the tender mercies of the Norfolk Southern dispatcher, and somewhat faster timings are now in effect, with even faster timings to come.
"Between Porter, Ind., and Dearborn, this rail corridor is now dispatched by Amtrak staff, which ensures the efficient movement of passenger trains," said Tim Hoeffner, Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) Office of Rail director. "We hope this encourages people to consider the train for their next trip, especially with upcoming construction and high traffic volumes along the I-94 corridor."

Maximum speeds on the line is 110 mph on the Amtrak-owned section between Porter and Kalamazoo. On the MDOT-owned portion, the maximum speeds are 79 mph, but they are expected to increase to 110 mph this year in certain sections once the testing of the positive train control system is completed and when new locomotives are put into service.
Perhaps it is time for another test ride, whether that will be to Ann Arbor or to Royal Oak is yet to be determined, come summertime.

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