Marquette political scientist John "Marquette Warrior" McAdams continues neither to recant nor to accept his excommunication.  He's recently picked up prominent allies, who argue Wisconsin's Supreme Court ought hear his case against Marquette.  George Will, who never lacks for work involving such things as Trump dossiers, national security, or the Chicago Cubs, suggests the Court can "right a flagrant wrong."  That is, "Prospective Marquette students, and Marquette alumni, must decide whether this school, awash with the current academic hysteria and corruption, merits their confidence and support. Wisconsin’s Supreme Court must lay down the law that can stop some of the rot this case illustrates."  The editorial board of The Wall Street Journal also gets involved.  "A Jesuit School Gets Dogmatic," they say, and it gets better from there.  Professor McAdams quotes the editorial, in full.  A sample: "[J]esuitical is the word that fits its explanation for firing a tenured political science professor who defended a student who was badly treated by an intolerant graduate instructor."  We'll see whether that national attention concentrates any minds, at Marquette or at the Court. 

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