Just after the State of the Union, the Congressional Republican Caucus took a train ride (!) to the Greenbrier Resort to talk about policy initiatives, including but not limited to not spending money on Passenger Rail.  (OK, I'm being outrageous to make a point, but what's the point of having my own private space to rant and not being outrageous.)

On the way, a truck blocking a grade crossing delayed the train.  (Not "hit a truck."  Not "was hit by a truck.")
The grade crossing was protected by both flashing lights and crossing gates. After the collision both lights and gates were seen to be working and undamaged. So why? There is but one plausible explanation: The truck tried to diagonally negotiate the lowered gates, its driver perhaps thinking a slow moving train was approaching. Had the truck ignored the gates, perhaps out of control, at least one gate would have sheared, but neither was.
Mr Frailey's post deals with the lousy reporting by the news media about how motorists get in the way of trains.

Look, this isn't rocket science.

Or, as Mr Frailey words it, "Who knows how many of us play Russian Roulette at crossing gates, and how many spin to the loaded cylinder? This was an educatable moment for the Big Three, and as so often happens nowadays, they blew it."

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