In the fifteen years or so that Cold Spring Shops has been covering the academic crack-up, Eve Ensler's talkative cooch has gone from an approved way to take the fun out of Valentine's Day (whilst cocking a snook at the Catholic Church) to a microaggression to excessive cisnormativity (a neologism unknown at the time the Shops opened.)

The spectacle continues.
Not being able to express your thoughts and feelings about your vagina (if you are the type of person who feels like that’s how you want to spend your time) because not everyone has a vagina is one of the most idiotic things that I’ve ever heard. Using that logic, no one should ever be able to talk about his or her experience with anything, unless everyone in the world has also had the exact same one. Do you even hear how ridiculous that sounds? We’re all unique people with unique sets of circumstances, which means that everything each one of us does or says won’t necessarily be “inclusive” or “relatable” to every single other person — and that’s perfectly okay.

The point of education used to be to develop in people the ability to think things through, rather than attempt to generalize from their own experience.

Perhaps, instead of griping about empty intersectionality, I ought refer to solipsistic intersectionality.

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