I hesitate to use the expression, pissing contest, but how else characterize this?
You may want to grab drink before tuning into this news, beer lovers: a Pabst Blue Ribbon shortage may be on the horizon.

CNBC reported this week that the iconic brew and MillerCoors are heading to court in November, as Pabst has filed a half-billion dollar lawsuit against the powerhouse brewery.

According to the outlet, the two are feuding over a reported breach by MillerCoors in a "decades-old" agreement that the Keystone beer maker would brew Pabst's legacy beers, including the iconic PBR, until 2020.

Though the current deal offers multiple options for renewal, MillerCoors reportedly wants out, due in part to a dwindling beer market, according to Food & Wine.
These might be the best years since before pasteurization and prohibition for aficionados of the locally-brewed beers, but this consolidation is turning out poorly.  It's been a matter of labelling the cans for a long time, dear reader.  "Pabst, along with Schlitz, Old Milwaukee, Old Style, Stroh's, and in a fine twist, Pabst, are all produced using excess capacity at Miller Brewing."

There is an old school option.  "If the two parted ways, Pabst would be in a tight position to find a new brewery, or build a brewery of its own, two equally difficult options that could 'potentially' lead to a 'dreaded shortage' of the beloved brew, the outlet claims." The original Pabst plant, not far from Marquette University in downtown Milwaukee, has long gone for gentrifiers, although the buildings still stand, and you can quaff something there.

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