What is true of admirals is sometimes true of football coaches.  "Beyond concerns about an overly simplistic (and obsessively rigid) offensive philosophy, [former coach Mike] McCarthy will (or at least should) have to answer tough questions about how and why complacency descended onto the Packers under his watch."

It's been coming for some time, according to that article.
During the 2016 season, quarterback Aaron Rodgers complained openly about a lack of energy on the sidelines. Not long after that, he bemoaned the absence of a healthy fear of getting fired if players weren’t doing their jobs.

Both gripes trace to the head coach, and Rodgers’ willingness to openly comment on those dynamics were interpreted by some (us) as a passive-aggressive tug-of-war between Rodgers and McCarthy.
Sports pundits have to follow such things, their salaries depend on it. But it had to have been bad, I mean, Cold Spring Shops picked up the story last summer, in the midst of a pennant race.

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