Trains and Travel notes the false economy of Amtrak's regional trains, some of which are on the rails for the better part of a day, attempting to offer food service from one cafe car.  "Imagine how nice it would be to have an actual dining car on that train, fully staffed, so you could go into the dinner sit at a table, and order a slice of apple pie and a cup of coffee. Then come back three hours later and order a sandwich and a Molson’s Canadian." As crowded as that cafe car is (that's often the case, particularly just after the cafe opens or leaving a station with heavy boardings), the full dining car might be booked with reservations, and not available to serve that afternoon pie and coffee.  But the troll level in the post is something to savor, with or without the coffee.
Would food service on that train break even or come close to it? Can’t say. Would it make those 11 hours more pleasant? Absolutely. Would the resulting word-of-mouth result in increased ridership? I would bet on it.

Would the current Amtrak management undertake such a move . . . if only to prove us wrong?

Ah … that could be a temptation those fellas would be unable to resist!
Yes, but are we prepared to wait until that coffee ices over?

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