Dave Barry has released his Review of 2018, and it does not disappoint.  "As you recall, we, as a nation, spent all of 2017 obsessing over 2016: the election, the Russians, the emails, the Mueller probe, the Russians, the Russians, the Russians…. That was all we heard about, day after soul-crushing day, for the entire year." That is, for 2018. But the Philadelphia Eagles won the Super Bowl, for the first time since Chuck Bednarik stopped playing both ways, and that becomes the glue for the review.  "In sports, the nation rejoices as, for the ninth consecutive year, some team other than the New York Yankees wins the World Series. Atlanta is evacuated when troops are unable to halt the relentless advance of jubilant Eagles fans." Enjoy. It might be wise to finish your coffee before you start reading.  Happy New Year.

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