The Green Bay Packers apparently will introduce Tennessee Titans offensive coordinator Matt LaFleur as the team's fifteenth head coach.

The last time we documented a coaching change in Green Bay was thirteen seasons ago.  History rhymes.
A year ago, these pages were following the regime change in Green Bay, and suggesting that more recriminations were in order. Packer management brought in Ted Thompson as general manager, redefining then head coach and general manager Mike Sherman's portfolio as head coach and vice-president. Mr Thompson subsequently hired Miami's defensive coordinator Jim Bates as defensive coordinator. For all the troubles the Packers had this year, in many losses the margin of defeat was an interception return for a touchdown or a missed field goal. Some of the other troubles were recurrences of troubles in the 2004 season.
I can't vouch for all of the links in that excerpt.  Note, though, that history rhymes: in 2017 comes a new general manager and a new defensive coordinator, many of the losses in 2018 were close, and several involved blown leads late in the game.

Thus, Mr LaFleur arrives as the latest successor to Curly Lambeau, Vince Lombardi, Mike Holmgren, and Mike McCarthy.  It's still one of the toughest gigs in football.  "It has been a difficult task for Mike Holmgren and Ray Rhodes and Mike Sherman and Mike McCarthy to do their work with the footsteps of giants behind them."

In just over a month, pitchers and catchers will report.

Come late summer, though, well, the standard in Green Bay is still five championships in six championship games in eight seasons.

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