That's what's happening at Yale, and the people who run the place have enabled it.
The reality at Yale , as anyone who has spent much time there recently knows, is something very different. The problem stems from the dominance of identity politics. It is essential to defend your political tribe — it’s a matter of existential importance. The tribalism generated by identity politics, when blended with the relativism that predominates on campus, results in a strangely irrational dogma: You have your truth, and I have mine. But, by the way, if you disagree with me I want your head on a stick.

Relativism is usually cloaked in the language of tolerance. But as identity politics reaches its fever pitch, tolerance is replaced by a hunger for belonging, sated largely by gathering together to hate political enemies. It is in this context that diverse political views became unbearable.
Unfortunately, Yale is still a good finishing school for the Political Establishment, never mind the crappy job so many of those are doing, and the market test that will end the foolishness is still a long way away. "Perhaps the overpriced hothouses will turn into their safe (and occupied) space, and life can go on elsewhere."

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