Sarah Anderson is not happy with the length of the presidential campaign season, which goes on forever.  (And I remember how unprecedented it was for George McGovern to declare sometime around Thanksgiving in 1971.)  "If You Hate Campaign Season, Blame Money in Politics."
So what can we do to avoid contests that shift politicians’ focus away from governing to endless campaigning?

We could try to compress our interminable primary process. But that wouldn’t make much difference when candidates are launching their bids a full year before the Iowa caucus.

A more effective step would be to slash the cost of competing for higher office. Candidates bolt out of the gates because they know it takes a long time to raise the mega-millions required for a White House run.
Wait, wouldn't "slashing the cost" mean even more crowded fields?

Guess what's missing from her essay?

When Expertise runs out of ideas, that's what happens.

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