Two years ago, Kurt Schlichter called out that year's April Fools.  "The Russiagate Scam Will Blow Up In The Democrats’ Smug Faces."  It did.
The whole stupid collusion thing has become a weird, Beautiful Mind-esque conspiracy theory with scores of Trumpaphobic loonies out there sharing their bizarre spider webs of intrigue via Twitter memes. Does Gorky Park have a grassy knoll?
Regardless, it’s safe to say that there was absolutely no collusion of any kind between Team Trump and anyone Russian. None. How do I know this to a near certainty? Because we haven't seen anybody leak any evidence of any in the six-plus months that they've been pushing this nonsense.
We haven't heard any leaks, thus far, of content in the four hundred pages or so of official report that would refute the four page executive summary. (Why would anyone with a smattering of sense think a four page executive summary is too short? It's probably too long.)

We'll see if the rest of the story plays out along these lines.
[Democrats and their main press enablers are] dumb, but they're not so stupid as not to realize that this Putin nonsense, manufactured as a pathetic excuse for their utter humiliation in November, is falling apart. With the help of their media minions, they hope if they keep shouting “Look, Russians!” we’ll grow so bored we’ll just tune out. It’s their only hope for keeping Obama’s buddies off the chopping block. They all thought Hillary was going to win and that there would be no accountability, so they were safe using the government systems they had been entrusted to manage to spy on their incoming boss’s political opponents. Oops.
But when the release of the story makes Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh look like the voices of reason, perhaps there is reason to pour two fingers of vodka!  "I'm not wrong. This is all going to blow up in the Democrats’ faces, and when it does I'm going to laugh and raise my vodka glass in a joyous toast to their latest and greatest failure. ?? ????????!"

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