If you're seeking the presidency and campaigning in the Upper Midwest, you'd better!
Whether you’re doing a big push for the Iowa caucuses, reaching out to blue-collar workers in Minnesota, or visiting a championship basketball team at an Indiana high school, you’re going to stop into one of our restaurants. Then you’re going to order a seared-to-perfection ButterBurger with a side of crinkle-cut fries and pose for a photo with our local salt-of-the-earth customers. Because if you do not, I will systematically annihilate your bid for the White House, engineering the complete and permanent downfall of your political career.
That's The Onion putting words in founder Craig Culver's mouth.
Remember what happened to Mitt Romney? Who do you think leaked that video of him saying 47% of Americans are nothing but government freeloaders? Yeah. That’s what happens when you stop at Steak ’n Shake instead of Culver’s.
The company's official response seems to be along the Rooseveltian lines of "say anything about me but spell my name right."  To wit:  "The Onion is a long-time satirical digital media outlet well known for poking fun at the news, organizations and individuals. But our guests ARE passionate about ButterBurgers and Frozen Custard. We appreciate the spirit of wanting to share this passion!"

Yes, and when the weather is good (cough!) there's good train watching from the patio at the DeKalb and Rochelle locations.

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