What is it about gymnastics in Michigan?  "Central Michigan University announced on Thursday morning that it has fired long-time gymnastics coach Jerry Reighard after a school investigation concluded the coach had 'repeated disregard for the independent role of medical staff in addressing student-athlete injuries.'"  Translated: running performers out when the team doctor says it wouldn't be prudent.  Concussion protocols and orthopedic surgeons and all the rest are there to protect the coaches, and the players (I'm looking at you, Aaron Rodgers) when the players understandably want to go back in and the coaches understandably want to put them back in.
[Central] placed Reighard on administrative leave in February when it was alleged that the coach "directed a student-athlete to provide false information about an injury to medical staff determining the student’s ability to compete," the school said.

The 121-page report, in which current gymnastics team members and Reighard were interviewed for, was presented to Reighard earlier this month and the coach was given two weeks to respond. His response did not change the school's decision to fire him, according to the statement.

CMU athletic director Michael Alford said in the released statement that the school would self-report the events found in the report could lead to an NCAA rules violation and the school would self-report them.

“Our student-athletes and their families trust us to protect our students,” Alford said in the statement. “We will not tolerate a callous disregard of safety. We will not tolerate actions that put students in the way of significant and even life-threatening injuries. Student safety at Central Michigan University is an absolute priority, always.”
Central won the regular-season Mid-American gymnastics championship, then finished second in the conference meet, which was held in DeKalb.  Northern Illinois made an excellent effort on the beam to secure the first place.

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