Rod Dreher reflects on the fire at Notre Dame de Paris.  "The fire that destroyed Paris’s iconic cathedral made manifest what we in the West have been doing to ourselves for over 200 years."

Yes, as the editors at New York's Times noted when The Pennsylvania Railroad sold off the air rights over their station. "We want and deserve tin-can architecture in a tinhorn culture. And we will probably be judged not by the monuments we build but by those we have destroyed."  The destruction is more widespread, not confined to a railroad station then and a church now.  That tinhorn culture is not simply an assault on the senses of the sophisticates.  It's hazardous to everyone's health.

Mr Dreher is an Orthodox Christian, and much of his reflection is on the sacred.  He has a message for the secular, as well.
For you in the West who are not religious, I hope you will reflect on what this cathedral meant in artistic, architectural, and cultural terms, and that you will think hard about what we are losing as we collectively repudiate our patrimony.

If you were waiting for a sign of the times, this is it.
How many signs will it take?

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