School principals claim they are role models.  Playing the role of squished trespasser isn't in the job description.  "The principal of St. John's Catholic Elementary School has been charged after video surfaced of people taking photos of students while standing on train tracks at the GO station in Kitchener as a train pulled in."  "GO" refers to the Toronto area Commuter Rail Operator, Government of Ontario Transit.

The good news is that no school teachers, parent volunteers, or students became roadkill in the production of this teachable moment.

Expect train movements at any time, on any track, in either direction.

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Dave Tufte said...

It's a classic story in my family how, as a 19 year old backpacking across Europe in 1984, I was arrested in Vicenza for walking across the tracks in the station (instead of going down the stairs and through the tunnel, which honestly I had not seen). It was not a fun encounter with the non-English speaking polizia, or the obligatory call to the consulate in Venice, before the frustrated officer realized I would have to go to the money change office to convert $6 into Lira to pay the fine. He waived me out of the office disgustedly.