Columnist S. E. Cupp contemplates the fine line between corporate virtue signalling and corporate stupidity.  "The message to corporate America, entertainment media and even Hollywood isn’t that social issues shouldn’t matter — it’s that politics shouldn’t overtake the experience of watching sports, buying a cup of coffee or eating a hamburger."

The message to the pundit class is that it's boring people with its endless process worship.  Take the most recent Sunday morning on the opinion shows.  Another disgruntled employee shoots up an office: because he had a suppressor on his pistol, now banning "silencers" (as the weenies who have watched too many spy flicks have it) becomes a thing and "what can the president do?" becomes the question.  That is, before chewing over the next iteration of the investigation of the Mueller investigation.  I'm beginning to think the reason none of the pundits tackle the role of mental health in these shootings is that to take seriously the idea that there are crazy people who ought be locked away might lead to a few pundits being committed, perhaps after the notion of gender-fluidity gets investigated.

There was nothing about the weather.  No rallies snowed out in the big coastal cities, no Nationals or Dodgers games rained out, you see.  It wasn't news that several levees along the Mississippi and Arkansas rivers have failed, and barge traffic is slowed, and rail traffic disrupted, because of the flooding.  You'd think the Weather Gods were conspiring with Amtrak to gut Amtrak's national network.

Between the winter weather, with March roaring like a lion well into April, and the April showers falling well into May, less than two-thirds of the national corn crop and just over half of the national soybean crop is in the ground.  Perhaps the pundit class will volunteer to waive the ethanol mandate, just for one year.  In addition, there are things we can not do for all the pigs in China.  "All over the country people want answers, and they are frustrated with the lack of information that they are getting from the mainstream media."


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