California senator Kamala Harris attempted to fire up South Carolina Democrats with her version of "American greatness is a dog whistle."
We have a president who says he wants to "make America great again." Does he want to take us back to before schools were integrated? Before the Voting Rights Act? Before the Civil Rights Act? Before Roe v. Wade?
That's standard fare for Democrats, as, apparently, is faking a street accent for the audience. The senator does it a little better than, say, Hillary Clinton (yeah, I know, that's not saying much), but it's still fake.

Mark Victory Girl Lisa Carr as unimpressed.
Okay, so let’s go with your “America sucks” model and let’s make America great, shall we, Kamala? Here are some suggestions. You can start by valuing hard-working Americans of all backgrounds and move on to working together with your fellow Democrats in California big-city cesspools to clean them up and get our homeless the medical care they need and off the streets and into perhaps a vocation. You can start with partnering with organizations that offer the pregnant, single moms other alternatives to ending a potential child’s life and putting ALL Americans first. Oh yeah, and quit the race-baiting BS and divisive rhetoric already. It is not for the people as you like to say-it is unoriginal and way overplayed.
Indeed so. But cut the senator some slack, she's probably too young to remember when California was about being true to your school and catching a wave and running that competition clutch and a four on the floor and rebounding with Rhonda; now the schools are so inclusive that nobody learns anything, the beaches are littered, there are no lake pipes on a Prius, even if you can find some open road to stretch it out, and Rhonda might be transitioning from Ron.

Ms Carr is correct, though: no California politician of any party ought be entrusted with the presidency until the state becomes a better example of something to emulate, rather than an example of what not to do.

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