At American Greatness, G. W. Sheldon writes his "Goodbye to All That."  "Since retiring from the university, several people have asked if I miss it. I tell them I miss what it was, but not what it has become. Higher education in America has gone from being the best in the world to one of the most pathetic."  Yeah, pretty much, but there's more at work than the Left Idiocies.

He gives Thanks to Barack Obama.
Colleges have turned into social graveyards and intellectual wastelands. The U.S. Department of Education threatened to cut off federal funding to any university that did not enforce these totalitarian policies. Terror Reigned. Sadly, the people most hurt by this were the ones it was intended to help: women and minorities. Their education was trivialized and the informal mentoring that prepared them for professional life was lost, as professors had nothing to do with them beyond purely official activity, fearing charges of harassment.

All of this has had a disastrous effect on morale and enrollment, which is down nationwide. When universities, in effect, told young people: “come here and be continually harassed, abused and assaulted (or accused of doing such and unable to defend yourself),” it did not seem, along with the high cost and worthless teaching to be such a good deal.
He correctly notes that the faculty must reassert their stewardship. "Unless the academy is run by academics, not political activists or marketing consultants, the universities will not return—to the detriment of our entire country."  The deeper problem, though, is that the faculty can be complicit with a lot of foolishness in the name of Social Justice, until the Woke come for them.

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