Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson doesn't like the bundle of Republican presidential politics.  "Anyone tempted to support Trump because of his economic or foreign policies should be constantly reminded that this is not an a la carte menu. If you plan to vote for Trump because of his tax cuts, for example, or his uncritical support of Israel, you’re also voting for his racism."

The Democrat platform will not be an a la carte menu either.  Whoever the Donks run for president will also be offering a bundle, which means that rejecting Our President's attitudes toward people who are different is also a vote for tax increases or uncritical support of third world demagogues or the restoration of the coastal technocracy.

Patrick Buchanan gets to the heart of the matter.  "Trump's true believers do not believe [the traditional political class], trust them, like them or respect them. And the feeling is obviously mutual."

Put less emphasis on national politics.

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David Foster said...

Racism? I'd point out that is the Democratic Party that increasingly defines people in terms of nothing more than their membership in racial, gender, and sexual-preference boxes, as illustrated by Congresswoman Pressley's recent comments. And one thing that definitely comes with the Dem "menu" is widespread support for some rather astonishing levels of anti-Semitism.

Not to mention the totalitarian mindset that dominates so much of the Left, which none of the current candidates are likely to offer any pushback to.