Power Line's John Hinderaker recognizes the scam in the pseudo-academic language the political left poisons our discourse with.  His source: a high priest of the left who wonders if the quasi-religious sesquepedalian verbiage is being viewed by the parishioners as so much hocus-pocus.
The language of the left creates a hierarchy of those who get it and those who don’t. Mastering the vocabulary is a way of signaling entry into a select world of the knowing and the just. The system is closed—there’s an internal logic that can be accepted or rejected but isn’t open to argument or question. In this sense, though much of the language of the left has academic origins, its use in the public square is almost religious.
Yes, you can't just come out and say "You are all deplorable and you're going to hell," which might be what Mr Hinderaker has in mind with his summation. "I think that Democratic Party politicians are lucky that most people pay no attention to the strange things they say."

On the other hand, within the lodge, the correct phrases in the proper forms is desirable.  "Once the virtue-signal is transmitted and received, interaction becomes marination in the usual smug.  Those who don't respond correctly to the signal?  Consign them to the basket of deplorables, posthaste!"

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