SIXTIES, REDUX? From ESPN via Betsy's Page comes word of a privileged member of society who has just discovered how others live. "For some time now, the inequalities that are embedded into the American system have bothered me. As they are becoming progressively worse and it is clear that the government's priorities are not on bettering the quality of life for all of its people, but rather on expanding its own power, I cannot, in good conscience, salute the flag," explains Manhattanville College three-guard Toni Smith. Fans at Manhattanville's Division III opponents, including the Merchant Marine Academy, have not been impressed with her act. The college president, Richard A. Berman, however, endorses his foul-prone player's actions, telling her "what she's doing is courageous and difficult." Right. Read Manhattanville's "about" statement: "At Manhattanville College, we offer a rigorous academic experience within a nurturing environment. Every one of our 1,400 undergraduate students is able to make his or her own personal contribution to our community, which is surprisingly diverse. With more than 40 areas of study and 50 campus clubs, our students discover who they are while they are here." In other words, radical chic is likely de riguer and transgressivity is the popular choice. Where is the small college president with the stones to say, "I will defend your right to make such statements, but you must take responsibility for how others react to them."

UPDATE: Tightly Wound is all over Ms.Smith.

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