KILBOURNTOWN ADVANCES, JUNEAUTOWN YET TO PLAY. The team formerly known as the Marquette Warriors defeated Toledo (another Mid-American power not called Northern Illinois) tonight, taking one step toward a possible crosstown matchup. Dale Hofmann sums up the attitude on College Hill: "It's Marquette University that took the biggest fall.

Not only did the school plummet from the Final Four to the Forgotten 40, but it missed another chance to conquer its fear of UWM.

Hofmann demonstrates an understanding of incremental costs rare in a sportswriter.
The NIT has displayed more than a passing interest in the bottom line over the years, and [NIT director Jack] Powers' position would make sense if he had reason to think that Marquette would draw a throng of paying customers playing host to Toledo tonight at the Bradley Center, and UWM would do the same entertaining Rice at the U.S. Cellular Arena on Wednesday.

He must believe that the two crowds combined would come to more than what Marquette and UWM would get sharing the same floor while the tournament was picking up the expenses from two games rather than one. We'll see.

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