A NOMINEE FOR THE DECK OF CARDS. King at SCSU Scholars joins other Claremont veterans in reacting to yet another hate-crime hoax. I like this:
All in all, a graphic illustration of the "verdict first, trial later" atmosphere that pervades the intellectual life of elite college campuses today. While it is difficult to assess the situation from a distance, we somehow doubt that all students at the Claremont Colleges feel free to express their viewpoints, thoughts, and ideas, particularly if they partake of any cynicism about the morality tales that constitute their daily mental diet.
Claremont Graduate University president Stedman Upham figures prominently in this story. The Queen of Hearts is already taken, but the King of Hearts is not. That's a four point card, useful if you want to make schneider, but not often capable of taking a trick. The dossier and a keg of Spaten Brau are en route to Schneider and Schwarz for evaluation.

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