SOME RENAMINGS ARE NOT CAVINGS. Professor Ray's Political Correctness Watch notes with dismay the transformation of the Confederate Air Force into the Commemorative Air Force, bringing the Sounds of Freedom to an air show near you. An air travel newsletter from across the pond suggested that the CAF renamed itself for "politically correct" reasons. The Ghost Squadron's official page suggests something different.
Changing the name was first discussed in July 1999 and again in February 2000. Many members were of the opinion that the name did not accurately reflect the primary objectives of the organization which are: 1) to restore, maintain, and fly World War II aircraft; 2) to maintain museum facilities for aircraft as a tribute to the thousands of men and women who built, serviced, and flew the planes; and 3) to perpetuate in the memory and hearts of all Americans, the spirit in which these great planes were flown in the defense of this nation.
(Ghost Squadron, which is the name for the squadron of planes that calls at major air shows, came in second.) As there are plenty of Confederate reenactors in the States, the organization's attempt to avoid confusion is logical. The person most likely to attend a reenactment is unlikely to be too upset about the use of the term "Confederate." I have been to a number of Civil War reenactments over the years, and the modal response I have heard parents give to kids that ask "who are the bad guys" is "That's not easy to answer."

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