THIS DEFIES PARODY. As Betsy's Page observes, "This is NOT an Onion satire."(Full particulars.)
Because of plans for several new Wal-Mart Supercenters across the state, the National Trust for Historic Preservation has placed the entire state of Vermont on its 2004 list of the most endangered historic places in the United States.

We are fortunate that the National Trust is only able to pursue its reactionary agenda within the United States, and only as an advocacy group. Imagine such an organization, with governing powers, recommending that the entire country of North Korea be preserved in place because it had intact collective farms and gulags at risk of being overwhelmed by "chain retail businesses" or Green Revolution farming or basic human rights for prisoners. (or perhaps, consider a less extreme example, in which an entire tribe of hunter-gatherers be preserved in place, as a living link to our prehistory.)

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