YET THERE'S NOT A TRAIN I WOULDN'T TAKE. Internet Commentator responds to Tyler Cowen's musings from a train window with
It occurs to me that some train journeys are better at "being architecture" than most buildings. The train journey between Dundalk and Dublin is quite impressive, particularly as it passes the Lagoon at Malahide: as you look out the window, the train appears to glide across the water, no land in sight. Passing over Drogheda on the elevated viaduct on is also good (passing over that "city" would generally be recommended by us Dundalkers!).
Good observations. I'm not sure whether to sing the praises of the Hudson River line on the New York Central, or the Milwaukee or the Burlington along the Mississippi River north of LaCrosse, or to commend the eastern approach to Chicago through the steel mill district, or the view of Astoria with Manhattan beyond from the Hell Gate Bridge.

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