TRAINS DON'T WANDER ALL OVER THE MAP. Houston drivers are still learning, the hard way, not to make left turns in front of the streetcars light rail vehicles. Nothing new here. Detroit drivers had a bad habit of lining up to make left turns too close to the tracks, which usually led to a lot of dented fenders. One Milwaukee motorist went so far as to sue the motorman of a North Shore Line train for failure to yield. The North Shore used the Sixth Street viaduct to enter downtown Milwaukee. At the south end of the viaduct, the street narrowed. One southbound motorist was racing to get ahead of the train, following the same course as the curb, and this motorist accused the motorman of cutting her off. The story is in the Spring 2004 issue -- the North Shore's general counsel had to bring the Roadmaster to court to explain that it was not possible to steer a train out of its tracks.

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