TRANSIT OF VENUS. Got up this morning, looked toward the east, saw a fair amount of haze around the sun, decided to go about my day.

Fortunately, NASA's TRACE spacecraft is above the haze and pointed in the right direction. The full transit was visible by day in Europe.
Imagine," said Bologna astronomer Corrado Bartolini. "We can't even tell when a car will reach Zamboni Gate in traffic, but we know to a fraction of a second when Venus meets the sun every 122 years."

Yup. Complex adaptive systems, including road networks, do what they darn well please. Hence Hayek and his Fatal Conceit. On the other hand, Venus transits always come in pairs (conjugate pairs?) with two in eight years and then the 122 year interval to the next one. Tonight, that rare performance of Sousa's "Transit of Venus" March. Looks like the weather will hold off for the concert.

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