Some people forget (because they backed/worshipped/served-as-useful-idiots-to the other side) that we have fought an ideology before, and – we won. The Cold War was, above all else, an ideological conflict. It was the Great Civil War of Western Civilization. On the one side, you had Western Capitalism, and on the other, International Communism. Obviously, things weren't that cut and dried. The US certainly doesn't (to my constant dismay) enjoy a laissez-faire economy, and the European NATO countries even less so. And despite a totalitarian regime, even the Soviet Union tolerated a little samizdat capitalism. Nevertheless, with the exception of France, countries took sides and stayed there.

Which socio-political system was left standing after 45 years of conflict? Oh yeah, baby – despite what you hear on American campuses, the West won. We won completely. We knocked their dicks in the dirt. The bad guys gave up, in the end, without even firing a shot – like Saddam Hussein in his hidey-hole.

How did we do it? How did we endure 45 years of conflict? How did we win? In the end, it came down to one simple thing:

We proved the enemy ideology to be ineffective.

We fought Communism for almost 50 years, and we would have fought it for another 50 – had that ideology not been too incompetent to keep up the fight. Islamism isn't
Communism, however, so the means of fighting it have to be different.
That's Vodka Pundit, who goes on to distinguish the Islamofascist ideology from the Communist ideology. He misses one important point, however. He notes that Communism pretended to be an intellectual idea, holding out the promise of paradise on earth, while Islamofascism holds out the promise of paradise beyond earth. It is therefore easier to criticize Communism on the basis of facts on the ground (he invokes the $300 -- in 1983 dollars -- Commodore 64) and to crack wise about a "Mickey Mouse" system -- as President Reagan did -- than it will be to make mock of the pretensions of the Islamofascists.

Read the whole thing.

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