POLITICS AND POWER: PRACTICE. One of the difficulties with doing any kind of research on an emerging phenomenon is obtaining sufficient information to put together a collection of stylized facts (that's econ-speak for "patterns" or perhaps for "vague generalizations.") Thus the research presented at the panel had to work with a small sample of case studies, with Senator Trent Lott undoing himself with too gushing a toast to Senator Thurmond serving as the exemplar.

There must be a corollary to Murphy's Law to the effect that if anything can render a research paper overtaken by events, it must be the presenting of it. The same day as the weblog panel, President Clinton announced he would be checking into hospital for bypass surgery, and President Bush's audience in West Allis, Wisconsin, either booed, or did not boo, President Clinton's name when President Bush asked the audience to remember Mr Clinton in their prayers.

Sean at the American Mind, who covered the speech, notes that he might, or might not, have heard boos. Chris at Right Voices also covered the speech, and claims there was no booing. Power Line has been contending that "AP makes it up," to some effect.

SECOND SECTION: The mendacity of AP, or not, has made the comments section in Dan Drezner's conference roundup. Its emergence there reinforces my decision to not provide for comments, as that mendacity is not germane to the topic of the post.

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