WHO ARE THE REAL FASCISTS? Tim at Where Worlds Collide wonders, "Is America Turning Fascist?" He links to a long article suggesting that assorted colorful conservative entertainers (for that is the most accurate description of Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and their buddies) might in fact be leading indicators of a very scary American fascism.

Meanwhile, the compassion fascists have been actively terrorizing ... Republicans. Sean at The American Mind has a roundup of what appear to be coordinated attacks on local Republican offices in several states. John at Powerline also has the story, and a followup in which several (Republican) Members of Congress have asked Attorney General Ashcroft to investigate these attacks (the rider asking for a concurrent investigation of Democratic voter-registration tricks may or may not be helpful.)

Confessions of A Political Junkie has an observation that casts additional doubt on the "fascist" meme:
Fear and intimidation are real in American politics. The left has become desperate for a win. Republicans are, as an institution, comfortable with being out of power because, after all, Republicans generally seek to reduce the role of government. Lefties, on the other hand, cannot handle being out of power -- especially after being in power for so long. The left understands that to advance its agenda, it must be in power. So now the left will resort to voter fraud and violence to regain the Presidency.
The puzzle for some future research" why the complicity of organized labor? I have picked up Thomas Frank's What's The Matter With Kansas? (Borders' gift certificates are useful -- details or compare prices) and will have more to say about it later, but for now want to note Frank's reflexive equating of the Democrats with organized labor and with the poor is misplaced -- George Orwell's 1930s snark at socialists as a coalition of the odd is probably more accurate about today's Democrats: all of this by way of wondering why organized labor is providing the muscle for these attacks on Republican offices?

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