DON'T GET CARRIED AWAY. Recently instrument-rated Bill Whittle (congratulations!) executes a quick victory roll.
We have four years to remake our society; four years to reclaim our media, our entertainment industry, our universities and our children.

Most importantly, we have four years to regain some control over who guards information.
Twelve years ago, I recall some Democratic operative swooning at the prospect of a Clinton presidency working with a Democratic House and a Democratic Senate. Something about "he's going to rebuild the infrastructure and feed the hungry children and give us health care" (as if that is his to "give," but that's digressing.) Here's the reality. The President is Commander in Chief, not Daddy, not Santa Claus. The media are for-profit businesses: the use of government to "reclaim" them is censorship. The entertainment industry does not enjoy the same Constitutional protections; all the same, the use of government to regulate them in the "public interest" seems a waste of time. The universities and the children are not state property either. Yes, many of these institutions are trashy, corrupt, and underachieving, but their problems are not properly those of the national government, which has other tasks at hand.

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