STAND A LITTLE CLOSER TO THAT RAZOR, MISTER. Stereotypes of the professor: tweed jacket with leather elbow patches, mushroom cap, facial hair (among the Silent Generation types either a gray goatee or a Jerry Garcia; the boomers liked the fuzzy beard and small thin-gauge-wire-frame granny glasses -- not the aviator type; and some of the Thirteeners go for the dirty-face look popularized by baseball players.)

University Diaries appears to have had time to evaluate these things much more closely. J.V.C. Comments is suitably neutral to find the post amusing. Cranky Professor appears to be going cross-generational. King at SCSU Scholars has the best explanation for the hair on his chinny-chin-chin.

A colleague once quipped about your Superintendent, "Frederick the Great was less Prussian." No Jerry Garcia or granny glasses here. No mushroom caps either.

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