On Lake Placid ice, the embattled skaters swirled
And fired the shot heard round the world.
Was it really 25 years ago that the U.S. Olympians beat the Soviets to earn the right to face Finland for the gold medal? Mitch at Shot in the Dark and Superhawk at Right Wing Nut House have some observations about the state of life in the U.S. (although President Carter never said "malaise," he was dressing in sweaters long before that became a European way of shilling for the Kyoto treaty; he was generally being pessimistic, when not being chased by swimming rabbits. And you've had some kind of mushroom ... no, wrong song.)

The victory was so newsworthy that Detroit's classical music station, WQRS, announced the score between two performances, which ruined the surprise (my plan was to work and listen to the radio station least likely to give a hockey score and catch the tape-delayed game without any information.) I watched the game and enjoyed it anyway.

And while the Minnesotans are right to take pride in their Coach Herb Brooks keeping that team together, I like to think of that 1980 Winter Olympiad as the Wisconsin Games, with Eric Heiden and Sheila Young winning speedskating events, and current Wisconsin women's coach and Badger forward Mark Johnson, son of legendary Wisconsin coach Bob Johnson, scored the go-ahead goal against the Soviets. It would be anachronistic to call the Reds the "Evil Empire," as The Empire Strikes Back was released in April of 1980.

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