PEOPLE WHO COME WITH WARNING LABELS. Mullets, tattoos, prison pants. That's so September 10. Introducing the International CXT.

The advertising copy that goes with this product is instructive.
Let's be honest. You didn't become the success that you are by doing things halfway. For you, it's go all out, or go home. Now there's a lineup of trucks that shares your bold attitude and entrepreneurial spirit. The International® XT family. These aren't just beefed up pickup trucks. They're performance and beauty taken to the extreme. Of course, it helps to have strong bloodlines.
As if those pickups from the Big Three that resemble a small Kenworth aren't enough, now for about $100,000 you can have your very own pickup that looks like a scaled down International tractor. Put a pickup bed on an American Flyer sized tractor (1/64 actual size) in place of the fifth wheel alongside some Lionel sized tractors (1/48 actual size) for a comparison of the proportions.

Perhaps the relatively high fuel prices (about 70% of the 1980 record highs) will dissuade the Big Three from taking the next step. Some of the grilles on the Dodge Ram series bring to mind the Illinois Central Green Diamond.

Let us count our blessings that the current fuel prices are probably dissuading designers from taking the next step and making a pickup or a sport-ute this big.

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