TELL ME AGAIN, WHY ARE WE HERE? A retired colleague is running against the current mayor. It's not clear exactly what the major differences are between the candidates, but there is one thing on which they both agree.
Both candidates agreed additional parking on Greek Row would be difficult to secure.
I'll keep that in mind the next time I hear whinges about high tuition: apparently the backward ballcap set have plenty of portable capital in the form of space-hogging cars.

The editorial board at the Northern Star also have taken leave of their senses, endorsing the incumbent mayor as being more favorably disposed to ... later bar closings.
Challenger Frank Van Buer said he wasn’t so sure extending the bar hours on Thursdays was the best way to cater to students and keep them here on the weekends - he said there are other ways to do that. True, but the reality, however unfortunate it may be, is that extending bar hours does have a big impact on students. Bars are a part of college life for many. And although DeKalb may not be the ideal college town, it has a college in it. The city needs to take that into consideration often, and Sparrow is better qualified to do that.
I know, I know, my site has frequently noted the income effect at work in the form of early Friday getaways, and any proper South Sider (that's as in Milwaukee, under the shadow of the world's biggest tower clock, for your information) knows that bars close at 6 am and reopen at 9 am. But more parking spaces around the rabbit warrens frat houses and longer Thursday bar hours as a basis for public policy??

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