SOME PROTESTS ARE MORE EQUAL THAN OTHERS. Northeastern Illinois University is not a subsidiary of Northern Illinois University or of Eastern Illinois University, the use of the two cardinal points notwithstanding, and for that I am grateful.
Northeastern Illinois University (NEIU) has warned the members of the College Republicans that both the students and the group will be punished if they hold a campus protest against affirmative action. The NEIU College Republicans canceled its planned “affirmative action bake sale” protest after NEIU’s dean of students warned them in an e-mail that to hold such a sale would violate NEIU’s “nondiscrimination” policy and expose the students to punishment. NEIU, which allowed a feminist group to hold a similar “pay equity bake sale” protest on campus, is the latest in a string of schools nationwide that have attempted to shut down these protests against affirmative action.
King at SCSU Scholars has additional observations along the lines of hypocrisy being the tribute paid by vice to virtue, and this Greg Lukianoff posting uncovers some howling non-sequiturs in a rebuttal by Northeastern's general counsel, Dunn, et al, and Bugg. One can't make up stuff like this.

RUNNING EXTRA. Northeastern can't stand the FIRE.
In a victory for free speech on campus, Northeastern Illinois University (NEIU) has decided to allow the College Republicans to hold an affirmative action bake sale protest on campus with “no preconditions.”
There is, however, an outbreak of unclear thinking at Michigan's Grand Valley State that will have to wait for another day. The Sprecher is good.

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