A REAGAN WORKOUT. The Midwest is not known for earthquakes or hurricanes but those summer thunderstorms can disrupt a day. About 1 pm Saturday afternoon one decided to do a bit of tree-pruning in the neighborhood, leaving part of my neighbor's tree in my driveway and part of my tree in a different neighbor's patio. Rang the police to let them know about some 'phone lines arcing where a tree had found them, rang the tree service, rang the insurance company, waited for the rain to stop, then broke out the crosscut saw and pruning shears and got cutting. A neighbor came by with a chain saw later, and took care of the bigger pieces. Lots of stuff for the chipper which the city will be running through the neighborhood, but everything's pretty well tidied up. More storms in the forecast, however.

SECOND SECTION. No tornado, but lots of damage in the nearby blocks. More coverage at the DeKalb Chronicle.

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