A commenter to this post asks about the dual-mode FL9 diesel-electric-electrics. A stringer for National Corridors found one, leading what the trade calls an F10, on a train at Danbury, Connecticut. Photo taken August 7, 2005.

Both locomotives involve major rebuilds from their as-delivered condition. The F10 is a re-engining and electrical system upgrade of a chicken-wire F3 off the Gulf Mobile and Ohio, and the FL9s that remain in revenue service have new engines and electrical systems. But it is difficult to imagine a prettier package for the innards, even with those art-school paint jobs.

In other rail news, Ponchatoula, Louisiana is closing some level crossings to reduce train-vehicle fatalities. The Louisiana Patrol have been staking out level crossings and ticketing drivers who run around the gates. A recent stakeout nabbed several school buses. Perhaps Louisiana has a higher rate of train-vehicle fatalities than several more populated and more rail-served states because the young are being socialized into taking the wrong kind of risks.

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